Box Brother Cello Tape 2 Inch 60 mtr | Printed Packaging Tape | Handle with Care Fragile Tape Printed

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Our products are manufactured using the best raw material procured from vendors having a spotless track record after conducting exhaustive market research. Owing to the remarkable features of our products such as high strength, long service life, exceptional finish, and reliability; these are extensively used in various industries such as FMCG, garment, food, plastic, and automotive. Backed by a sound infrastructure, a dedicated team, and efficient time management, we have been able to make timely deliveries to our customers ever since our inception. Best stands for humidity and cold, high quality with long shelf life.


Handle with Care Fragile Tape:

Brand Box Brother
Color Multicolor
Material Printed Packaging Tape
Special Feature Transparent, Printed

About Care Fragile Tape item:

  • Box Brother Cello Tape 2 Inch 60mtr, Printed Handle with care Packaging Tape 
  • High adhesion and holding power resist popping for a secure seal throughout the supply chain
  • Closes boxes securely without holes, waste, sharp points, and disposal of staples.
  • They can easily bond different substances together and provide a secure hold. Gum tape can be of great help when you want to stick things made out of different materials. The adhesive in the tape allows you to wrap them around objects and provide a firm hold.
  • CelloTape is a pure cellulose transparent tape that is eco-friendly since it is biodegradable.
  • Printed with the message “Handle with Care and Fragile” image printed in bright red and white color.
  • Ideal for both industrial and residential purposes. Promotes safety and product handling with safety awareness.

Product Overview: Tape –

Our tape with an acrylic base is a better option for all of your packaging requirements. This tape is exceptional in its category since it was precisely made and was made to be versatile. Modern adhesive technology produced it, and it offers the ideal compromise between strength, usability, and longevity.


Outstanding Versatility:

This tape is wonderful in a variety of settings. It is a dependable option for all of your packaging needs because it sticks flawlessly to a variety of surfaces, including cardboard and plastic. This tape is effective whether you’re packing for a major move, sending packages across the nation, or closing boxes for storage.

Eco Resistance:

This acrylic-based tape is notable for its outstanding performance over a wide temperature range. In sweltering summer heat and icy winter cold, it remains firm and solid. This means that regardless of the weather your packages endure while in transit, you can rely on it to keep them sealed.

Better Sticking:

You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of a tape that adheres where it should when you use our acrylic-based tape. Because of its powerful adhesive qualities, your packages will remain tightly sealed the entire time they are traveling. Put an end to concerns about packages falling undone or tape slipping off.

Handle carefully:

Additionally, this product has a special benefit: “Handle with Care” messaging is pre-printed on it. Particularly when sending delicate or fragile things, this extra layer of communication can be really helpful. It alerts handlers to use caution, lowering the possibility of handling errors while en route.

Fragile Tape

Effortless Use:

This tape is quite strong, but it’s also simple to use. The tape applies readily and rips with ease, speeding up the packaging process. No more struggle to get the ideal cut or battling torn tape.

Why Choose Our Acrylic-Based Tape:

  • Reliability: You can rely on this tape to keep your packages sealed and protected.
  • Versatility: Because it clings to a variety of surfaces, it can be used in a variety of applications.
  • Temperature Tolerance: It performs admirably in both extreme cold and heat. Temperature Tolerance.
  • Message: Delicate products are given an extra layer of protection by the “Handle with Care” print.
  • Usefulness: Its user-friendly layout makes packaging easier.

Product Description

For all of your packaging requirements, our tape provides an adaptable and dependable option. Our tape can be used to seal boxes for storage, send packages across the nation, or pack things for relocation. It performs admirably in diverse conditions and clings flawlessly to various surfaces, guaranteeing that your shipments remain well-sealed.


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