Bold Black Amazone Tape: Enhance Your Packaging with Style and Strength

Upgrade your packaging strategy with the Bold Black Amazone Tape from Box Brother Packaging. Our branded prime-printed tape, measuring 60 meters in length and 72 mm in width, ensures your packages are securely sealed. The robust self-adhesive properties guarantee secure transit, radiating both security and professionalism with its sleek black design.

Key Features at a Glance

Feature Description
Tape Length 60 meters
Tape Width 72 mm (approx. 3 inches)
Color Bold Black
Adhesive Type Self-adhesive
Material Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film
Adhesive Coatings Hot melt synthetic rubber, acrylic
Thickness Options 38 um to 90 um
Length Options 65 to 100 meters

Comprehensive Coverage for Maximum Security

With a substantial 3-inch width, Bold Black Amazone Tape offers wide coverage for additional security. Whether you’re moving, shipping, or organizing, trust Box Brother Packaging for strength and reliability. Our outstanding, extremely strong self-adhesive black Amazone tape enhances your shipment security and packaging needs.

What’s in the Box?

At Box Brother Packaging, we pride ourselves on providing superior packaging solutions. Our Bold Black Amazone Tape sets the standard with its branded prime-printed design, a reliable 72mm width, and a long 60-meter roll. This powerful self-adhesive tape ensures the highest level of protection and dependability for your shipments.

Bold Black Amazone Tape from Box Brother Packaging, 60 meters long and 72 mm wide, with strong self-adhesive qualities for secure and professional package sealing
Bold Black Amazone Tape from Box Brother Packaging, 60 meters long and 72 mm wide, with strong self-adhesive qualities for secure and professional package sealing

Stylish and Professional

The stylish black color of Amazone tape exudes confidence and expertise. Every product is fully protected by the wide 3-inch span. Count on the strength and effectiveness of Amazone tape from Box Brother Packaging for all your moving, shipping, and organizing needs. Our exceptional Bold Black Amazone Tape meets all your shipping security and packaging requirements.

High-Quality Adhesive Tapes

The foundation of our adhesive tapes is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film, known for its outstanding quality due to a water-based adhesive coating.

This ensures flawless sealing, making cartons theft-proof. Our BOPP packing tapes come with various adhesive coatings, the most popular being hot melt synthetic rubber and acrylic. Hot melt adhesives are preferred for their tenacity, dependability, and quick sealing properties. Trust our adhesive tapes for reliable and secure sealing solutions.


Our offerings meet a wide range of needs with normal thickness options from 38 um to 90 um and typical tape lengths from 65 to 100 meters. This ensures there is a suitable Bold Black Amazone Tape for every operation, whether you’re handling lightweight items or heavier shipments.

Versatile and Reliable

Our adhesive tapes are available in various types, each designed to meet specific needs. Choose from regular tapes for conventional sealing, printed tapes for branding or labeling, colored tapes for organizational or aesthetic purposes, crystal-clear tapes for a seamless finish, and low-noise tapes for quieter applications.

Solid Adhesion for Secure Sealing

Our tapes’ water-based acrylic adhesive ensures strong adhesion, offering the high tack and strength required for reliable carton sealing. This makes our tapes a trustworthy option to ensure your packages remain secure and intact during delivery.

BOPP Self-Adhesive Bold Black Amazone Tape:

Packing tape has evolved into a multipurpose necessity with applications across various industries and daily life. Its role has expanded beyond expected limitations, establishing itself as a crucial asset. This versatile tape offers the best protection for a wide range of items, including clothing, household appliances, important hardware, and a variety of essential foods and medical supplies.

Quality Determinants of BOPP Tape:

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tape’s performance, durability, and suitability for different applications can be determined by several key factors:

  1. Adhesive Strength: High-quality BOPP tape should have strong adhesive properties. Test its adhesion strength on various surfaces to ensure it adheres firmly and resists lifting or peeling.
  2. Tape Thickness: BOPP tape comes in various thicknesses. Generally, thicker tape is more durable and better suited for demanding applications. The thickness should remain consistent throughout the roll.
  3. Tape Transparency: Crystal-clear BOPP Amazone tape should maintain clarity without becoming cloudy or blurry. This is especially important for branding or labeling purposes.
  4. Tensile Strength: This refers to the tape’s ability to withstand stretching and pulling without tearing. High-quality BOPP tape should have good tensile strength to securely seal packages.
  5. Temperature and Moisture Resistance: BOPP tape should be stable and functional in various environmental conditions, including temperature changes and moisture exposure. It should not lose its adhesive properties or strength under challenging circumstances.
  6. Smooth Unrolling: BOPP tape should unroll smoothly without any disruptions, ensuring ease of use and efficient application.
  7. Professional Packaging and Labeling: High-quality BOPP tape is typically packaged and labeled professionally. Reputable manufacturers provide clear information about the tape’s technical specifications, such as thickness, length, and type.

Excellent Surface Adhesiveness

Our BOPP tape boasts outstanding adhesive ability, providing excellent bonding quality to a variety of surfaces. Whether used for packaging, sealing, or other purposes, its exceptional stickiness ensures secure attachment. This reliability translates into better protection for your goods, shipments, or possessions during transportation or storage. Our BOPP tape adheres firmly without leaving residues, ensuring a tidy and professional appearance.

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Bold Black Amazone Tape from Box Brother Packaging is your go-to solution for all your packaging needs. Its superior strength, adhesive quality, and sleek design ensure that your shipments are secure and professional-looking. Don’t compromise on the safety of your packages—choose Bold Black Amazone Tape for reliable and efficient packaging. Bookmark and subscribe for more information on our premium packaging solutions. Also, check out our store for more product details and exclusive offers.

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