Bold Black Amazone Tape: Prime Printed Tape for Secure Packaging

With Amazone tape from Box Brother Packaging, up your packaging game. Your packages will be securely sealed with our branded prime-printed tape, which is 60 meters long and 72 mm wide. The strong self-adhesive qualities ensure secure transit. It radiates security and professionalism in sleek black.

It has a substantial 3-inch width and offers a wide covering for additional security. When moving, shipping, or organizing, rely on Box Brother Packaging for strength and dependability. Utilize this outstanding, extremely strong self-adhesive black Amazone tape to improve your shipment security and packing requirements.

Amazone tape
Amazone tape

What is in the box?

We provide superior packaging solutions at Box Brother Packaging. Our Amazonetape sets the bar with branded prime-printed tape that has a reliable 72mm width and a long 60-meter roll. Our powerful self-adhesive tape protects your shipments with the highest level of protection and dependability.

The stylish black color exudes confidence and expertise. Every product is completely protected by the wide 3-inch span. Count on the strength and effectiveness of Amazonetape from Box Brother Packaging for moving, shipping, or organizing. Our outstanding Amazone tape will meet all of your shipping security and packing requirements.

The basis of our adhesive tapes is Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Film, which boasts outstanding quality due to its water-based adhesive coating. This guarantees flawless sealing, making cartons theft-proof.

Our BOPP packing tapes are available with a variety of adhesive coatings, the most popular being hot melt synthetic rubber and acrylic. Hot melt adhesives are the best because of their tenacity, dependability, and quick sealing qualities. For reliable and secure sealing solutions, rely on our adhesive tapes.


Our offering meets a wide range of needs with options for normal thickness ranging from 38 um to 90 um and a typical tape length of 65 to 100 meters. This guarantees that there is an appropriate Amazone tape for every operation, whether you’re working with lightweight items or heavier shipments.

Our adhesive tapes are available in a range of varieties, each created to satisfy certain requirements. Select regular tapes for conventional sealing, printed tapes for branding or labeling needs, colored tapes for organizational or aesthetic requirements, crystal-clear tapes for a seamless finish, and low-noise tapes for quieter applications.

Amazone tape gurez
Amazone tape gurez

Our tapes’ water-based acrylic adhesive ensures solid adhesion and offers the high tack and strength required for reliable carton sealing. This makes our tapes a trustworthy option to guarantee that your packages are secure and unaltered during delivery.

Our BOPP film-coated tapes can fulfill your needs whether you’re packing goods for shipping, arranging things for storage, or just requiring a flexible adhesive solution. You can depend on their excellence, toughness, and adaptability to improve your packaging procedures and sealing jobs.

How to Use Bopp Self-Adhesive Amazone Tape:

Packing tape has developed into a multipurpose necessity with applications in a variety of industries and daily life. Its role has grown beyond expected limitations and established itself as a crucial asset. This versatile tape offers the best protection for a variety of objects, including clothing, household appliances, important hardware, and a wide range of essential foods and medical supplies.

Beyond its primary purpose of protecting products, packing tape shows promise as a reliable option for protecting priceless commodities, bulky items, and unique inventions in transit. Because of its strong adhesive capabilities and durability, packages are kept intact the entire way.

In a variety of contexts, including courier and mail services, online purchases, in-person transactions, and a variety of applications, the tape’s adaptability truly shines. The possible use cases are many, from ensuring secure product shipping to streamlining domestic affairs. Packing tape’s all-encompassing features enhance the packaging process and provide assurance, whether you’re an individual giving a gift or a company managing inventory.

Packing tape emerges as a dependable ally in a dynamic environment where commodities are constantly in motion. Its adaptability to various requirements and constant commitment to protecting objects of all dimensions highlight its necessity as a basic tool. Make use of the benefits of packing tape to boost the effectiveness of your packaging efforts.

How can the quality of BOPP tape be determined?

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) tape’s performance, durability, and applicability for different applications can all be determined by several important criteria. When assessing the BOPP tape’s quality, take into account the following factors:

Adhesive Strength: Strong adhesive qualities should be included in high-quality BOPP tape. Apply it to various surfaces and see how well it adheres to test the strength of its adhesion. It should adhere firmly and resist lifting or peeling with ease.

Tape Thickness:  BOPP tape is available in a range of thicknesses. In general, thicker tape is more resilient and better suited for demanding uses. But the thickness must remain constant throughout the entire roll.

Tape Transparency: BOPP Amazone tape that is crystal clear should keep its clarity without becoming cloudy or blurry. If you’re utilizing the tape for branding or labeling, this is extremely crucial.

Tensile Strength: The term “tensile strength” describes how well a piece of tape can tolerate stretching and pulling without tearing. A good tensile strength is a requirement for high-quality BOPP tape so that it can firmly seal packages together.

Resistance to Temperature and Moisture: BOPP tape ought to be stable and functional in a variety of environmental circumstances, such as temperature changes and moisture exposure. Under difficult circumstances, it shouldn’t lose its adhesive qualities or become less strong.

Smooth Unrolling: The Under difficult circumstances, it shouldn’t lose its adhesion or deteriorate.

Packaging and Labeling: BOPP tape of a high caliber is normally packaged and labeled professionally. Reputable producers are transparent about the tape’s technical details, such as thickness, length, and kind.

It’s crucial to take all of these things into account when assessing the quality of BOPP Amazone tape. Putting the tape through a variety of tests and applying it to diverse tasks can also reveal information about its general effectiveness and robustness.

Excellent Surface Adhesiveness

Our BOPP tape has outstanding adhesive ability and offers excellent bonding quality to a variety of surfaces. Regardless of whether it is used for packaging, sealing, or other purposes, its exceptional stickiness guarantees secure attachment. This adhesive’s dependability translates into better protection for your goods, shipments, or possessions while they are in transportation or storage. Because our BOPP tape adheres firmly without leaving residues, a tidy and expert appearance is guaranteed. You can depend on its superior adhesive quality to maintain the integrity of your products, making it an essential option for packaging solutions in a variety of industries.

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