Box Brother 2 Ply 30 Inches Brown Corrugated Roll For E-Commerce Packaging 140gsm Paper


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  • Size: -30 inches Corrugated Roll with 140 gsm paper.
  • Reuse And Recycle: These Boxes From Box Brother Production Can Be Used Many Times With Minimal, Quality These Corrugated Roll Help Reduce the Packing cost.
  • Packaging: These Corrugated Roll From Box Brother Production Are For e-commerce packaging And Can Be Easily Handled.
  • Strength- Box Brother corrugated paper rolls are made with High Gsm of Paper with a good busting factor Box Brother corrugated rolls have a good strength rate and are Also used For Heavy Packing too.
  • Important: Please note that product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.


Box Brother 2 Ply 30 Inches Corrugated Roll:

Product Specifications Details
Size 30 Inxh x 5 Meter
Color Brown
Usage/Application Packaging
Material Paper
Pattern Plain

About the Corrugated Roll item:

  • Premium Quality: Made with the Box Brother and attention to detail, this Corrugated Roll is renowned for its exceptional quality and dependability.
  • Offers outstanding strength and endurance, making it suitable for securing both heavy and fragile things.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for a variety of uses, including shipping electronics while protecting delicate ceramics.
  • Advanced manufacturing: By using these processes, consistent quality and performance are guaranteed.
  • Eco-friendly: This Corrugated Roll is made from brown paper and is recyclable and biodegradable, making it a responsible option.
  • Trusted Brand: Produced by Box Brother, a reputable company renowned for its dedication to perfection.
  • Professionals’ Choice: Due to its dependability, professionals in fields including e-commerce, logistics, and arts & crafts choose it.
  • Easy Customization: The 30-inch width makes packaging easy to customize, assuring a tight fit for your items.

Corrugated Roll Product Details:

Presenting the Box Brother many varieties of 30-inch Brown Paper Corrugated Roll, a top-of-the-line product from the company whose name is synonymous with perfection. This item is a testament to quality and dependability and is offered by Box Brother, a well-known online retailer known for its extensive collection of corrugated rolls.

Corrugated Roll
corrugated roll

High Quality:

Box Brother has made a name for itself as a company dedicated to providing excellence. This corrugated paper roll, which has many varieties in 30 Inches, is an outstanding illustration of their commitment to excellence. It was carefully crafted to provide the highest reliability for your packing requirements.

Unmatched Quality:

Brown Paper Corrugated Packing Roll has a reputation for being made of the highest caliber materials. This role offers the strength and durability you require for packaging both delicate items and bulky materials. It is the chosen option for companies and people who only want the best.

Widespread Market Acceptance:

Box Brother products are well-known in the marketplace for their dependable quality. There is no exception with the 30-inch Brown Paper Corrugated Paper Roll. It has emerged as the standard option for customers looking for dependable Box Brother packaging solutions.

Your Trusted Partner, Box Brother:

This high-end Box Brother product is made available through Box Brother, a reputable online retailer. Box Brother is the go-to place for those searching for premium packaging supplies because of its reputation for providing a high-quality selection of Corrugated Rolls.

Corrugated Roll
Corrugated Roll

Known for its strength and adaptability, corrugated paper rolls are a useful packaging material. Numerous sizes are available from Box Brother, and a corrugated paper roll from Box Brother can be simply cut to match certain packaging requirements.

A  corrugated roll is a useful option for companies and people looking for dependable and eco-friendly packaging solutions, whether they’re wrapping parcels, making separators, or cushioning fragile things. Experience the superiority of Box Brother goods by putting your trust in Box Brother for your packaging requirements.

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30 Inch x 10 Meter, 30 Inch x 40 Meter, 30 Inch x 5Meter, 30 Inch x 80 Meter

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    The product is firmly packed.

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    Very well worth the money.

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