Box Brother 3 Ply Brown Carton Box Packing box Size: 6x5x2 Length 6 inch Width 5inch Height 2 inch Ply Corrugated packing box

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  • Size:- Length 6-inch Width 5-inch Height 2-inch 3Ply Corrugated packing box
  • Corrugated Boxes For Packaging, Moving, Shipping, Packing, Home Shifting, Books And Storing Etc. Reinforced Edges Ensures Extra Strength At Edges. Color-Brown, Shape-Cube


Box Brother 3 Ply Brown Carton Box:

Brand Box Brother
Color Brown
Material Paper
Item Weight 120 Grams
Grade Rating 5 star

About 3 Ply Brown Carton Box item:

📦Flexible Size: The dimensions of Length 6 Inches, Width 5 Inches, and Height 2 Inches provide space for a variety of items.

💪 Reinforced Strength: Built to last, with reinforced edges that guarantee exemplary toughness throughout handling and shipment.

🏠 Multi-Purpose Use:  Perfect for packing, moving, shipping, relocating home, storing books, and more. Classic Brown Tone: Thanks to the timeless brown tone, your parcels will have a classy feel.

🌈Custom Customizable Carton Box Brown Tone: Thanks to the timeless brown tone, your parcels will have a classy feel.

🔲 Cube Shape Design: The cube shape has been optimized for effective space usage.

🔄 Eco-friendly Option: Made with sustainable reuse and recycling in mind by Box Brother Production, minimizing environmental impact.

🌐 E-commerce Ready: E-commerce-specific customizable carton box that provides easy handling and product protection boxes at ups.

💼 Heavy Packing Capability:  These boxes have the potential to pack heavy objects as well as light ones, therefore they are not just limited to light items.

Choose a brown custom corrugated carton box from Box Brother Production for quality, durability, and sustainability. Improve your experience with packaging and make sure your goods are well-protected on their journey.

What is in the box?

What you choose to pack inside the box determines what will be inside of it. These kinds of customizable carton boxes are frequently used for packaging, moving, shipping, and storing a variety of objects such as books, household items, electronics, clothing, and more. However, the description you provided before does not describe the precise contents. The box’s durability and design make it adaptable to a variety of uses.

Product Description:

Types of Packaging Boxes.

Depending on the products they contain and the level of protection needed, different types of packaging boxes at ups are available, each of which is made to perform a certain function. Here are a few popular customizable flap box types for packaging:

Friendly Features.

A wide range of user-friendly features that meet a variety of demands are available in custom cardboard boxes. The outstanding versatility and customization choices of boxes made from print-friendly materials set them apart from other types of boxes.

Make Alternative Uses of boxes

Without a doubt, custom cardboard boxes at ups are quite versatile and may be used in a wide variety of inventive ways in addition to their original packaging role. Boxes made of cardboard can also be used for many things:

Cardboard Box
carton box

carton box of the highest caliber are available for your effective shipping and packing requirements. Our robust and environmentally friendly solution guarantees the security of your things while in transit, making them ideal for both moving and storage needs. These boxes provide unsurpassed safety and peace of mind since they have a strong emphasis on durability and sustainability.

Our cardboard boxes at ups, which come in a variety of sizes, offer adaptable options for both people and corporations. To protect your possessions and reduce the impact on the environment, put your trust in our dependable packing solution. For all your packaging needs, place your order right away to benefit from the simplicity and dependability of our corrugated boxes.

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17 reviews for Box Brother 3 Ply Brown Carton Box Packing box Size: 6x5x2 Length 6 inch Width 5inch Height 2 inch Ply Corrugated packing box

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